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With an enthusiasm and vision to take their business to the next level and beyond, we helped Midton make technology take the weight, allowing them to focus on what they do best.


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How do they make that?

Midton are one of the those companies you may not have heard of before, but you will have probably seen what they produce on TV, in the news or adding to the experience of a high end studio or building.

Based in the Highlands of Scotland, they produce amazing acrylic based products, often in small quantity, short turn-around, but designed to every customers specific, exacting specification.

If you've ever been to an event or been lucky enough to receive an award, the chances are Midton may well have made it, so it could be sat on your cupboard or fireplace right now.

They continue to build a reputation for making the impossible, possible, combining manufacturing practicality, design, art and emotion all in one, and with this increasing reputation comes an increasing list of customer details, contacts, interactions and information.

So, surely they must have a CRM system to look after all this?

Yeah, yeah, I'll just sign up for a CRM..

In case you didn't know, a CRM means Customer Relationship Management and is there to help you get more customers and more importantly keep and grow them, by managing all your interactions, sales activities and general information.

There's loads out there, all jostling for position to be the "one CRM to rule them all". Some extremely complex, expensive, and in many cases too much for what you usually need. In truth, they tend to focus on what can be done for the masses, and slide past whats really important, i.e. making it work with your business.

Midton were in this quandary, finding that the methods they used when they started their business ran out of steam quickly, using old technology, paper and Excel and resulting with incorrect data and time-consuming duplication and repeat processes.

They were finding that their growth was being held back, limiting their business plans to the speed of their out-dated systems (in this case Salesforce).

The need was to remove double entry and launch out of the pandemic period with a unified CRM, Quoting, Project and Product Management System, allowing the full product lifecycle to run through one system... and as luck would have it, Midton won a Digital Development Loan from the Highlands and Islands Enterprise to help them with just this problem.

Knowing your customer is business

Starting with our usual series of workshops, we worked with Midton to focus in detail on the business processes, features, planning, design and roadmap for the system.

With CRM features at its core, the solution had to reach out across the business, replacing capabilities from other systems and approaches resulting in what was now to be called 'Ada'.

Ada forms the heart of their business operations, bringing together their CRM and Production Management Systems into one end-to-end, mobile solution and it not only had to cover all the necessary features, but be rigorously tested right the way through to a production system.

With development running through towards the end of the year, the first release was launched with much success across the business, exceeding expectations of what could be achieved and prompting a positive response from the staff from what was a wide ranging digital based transformation project.

Success of the system triggered further investment funding in new digital technologies, and we have continued to work together with Midton in this journey.

With a long backlog of ideas and features, Midton plans now expand into the world of eCommerce, with material stores, an art gallery, stock, shipping and ordering, and we remain with Midton throughout this process.

"Our Salesforce experience was challenging and frustrating, and its replacement with a bespoke CRM was a main focus for the business. We now have a dream system that’s growing into the perfect all inclusive tool. Thank you to the team at Solis Digital."

Graham Ramsay: Design Director - Midton

Small to Medium businesses such as Midton, are leading the way in business automation and digital transformation, realising rapid, stable growth within a surprisingly short period of time.

If you have a transformational vision for your business, get in touch. We would love to understand your plans and discuss how we can help make them a reality.

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