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Whether you have an idea you want try out before committing, produce a demonstrator for investment, or just need more than a spreadsheet to manage your data, we provide all you need to get it up and running fast.


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Recognise the problem?

You own or work in a company, or maybe starting a new one. You have an idea for something that will help improve some aspect of your business. Maybe you are already generating information you need to manage or need to get an existing idea in a state that you can put in front of an investor to unlock that next round of funding.

It all seems a bit complicated or perhaps costly to work out how translate it into that simple digital solution that would provide real value, so you think “I can probably work something up in Excel?”

A little while later, you start to find its tricky to collaborate or manage increasing amounts of data. Maybe you have added some macros to help, but not sure which version you are using or perhaps have doubts if it’s producing the right results… and so on. 

It’s a very common challenge that most if not all companies face (even the big ones), using loosely controlled, macro enabled spreadsheets for small but in some cases, critical, parts of your business. You are far from alone.

The solution, in a box

So, the challenge for us is to give you access to all the services we provide but condense this down into a packaged solution that provides you value and flexibility, at the same time meeting the standards for delivery which we are recognised for.

Rapid10 is our solution to this. Rapid because it provides you with the fast application development available with a low-code platform, providing maximum ‘bang-for-buck’, and 10, because our experience tells us that 10 days of development effort should be sufficient to meet many of the prototyping or small development tasks we may come across.

Included as part of this, we provide a Project Manager, Consultant (or Product Owner as we call them), who is responsible for translating your idea into development consumable requirements, together with our development environments where we build your solution.

But, once you have the solution, you need to use it. So, to meet this we also provide you with 3 months of cloud hosting and low-code licensing, providing you with an environment to demonstrate, test, operate and evaluate as you see fit.

£9,995 +VAT
Digital starter
10 Development Days
Dedicated Product Owner
Optimised License
90 Days Cloud Hosting

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