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Solis Digital have been working with front-line NHS trusts to deploy and build Critical Stock Manager. A mobile app to track PPE in response to COVID-19

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COVID-19 demand for tracking PPE

To ensure the effective management of COVID-19 cases, it is important that front line staff have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) to rapidly respond to incidents whilst, keep themselves protected. There is an increase in demand and urgency for an app that has the capability of providing staff with live visibility of PPE stock across all locations, from one app.

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Critical Stock Manager

Gain an overview of all PPE, manage stock locations, set stock alerts, forward forecast, monitor stock takes and track stock live with speed & accuracy - all from one simple cloud-based app.

Critical Stock Manager is already providing critical information to Ambulance Services and Hospital Trusts across the UK

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Live overview of all PPE stock

Instantly see live critical stock levels across your trust including healthy, at risk, critical warnings and last stock take KPIs.

Monitor PPE usage across locations

Easily track stock levels for your area and priority locations. Store rooms and warehouses can monitor their own stock levels in realtime.

Warehouse and stores can manage stock

Store rooms no longer have to spend hours a day manually recounting stock and trying to keep track of stock levels in excel.

Frontline Staff can update PPE usage

Our app for clinicians and paramedics allow frontline staff to provide live updates on PPE usage.

The app is simple and easy to use, it helps join up data sets across our Trust on multiple devices. The focus on the solution has enabled us to continue to support our front line staff and therefore, care for the patients of London.

Stuart Crichton - Chief Clinical Information Officer

You're in good company, NHS Trusts are tracking PPE live with CSM.

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Ensure front-line staff have the PPE they need by tracking and monitoring live PPE stock levels

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Demand for tracking PPE

To ensure the effective management of COVID-19 cases, it is important that front line staff have the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to respond to COVID-19 incidents and keep themselves protected.  

There is an increase in demand for a solution that has the capability of providing staff with visibility of the PPE stock all in one place.

What is it?

The deployment of a personal protective equipment (PPE) tracker solution which can be used to track PPE stock and provide real time visibility of:

  • Number of PPE Stock including minimum stock alerts.
  • Location of PPE stock to fleet numbers / wards
  • Burn rate of the PPE stock with a live pan region view.

Why is it needed?

The availability of PPE such as masks, gloves etc. is Nationally fragile. The staff and Managers in the Emergency Operation Centres (EOC) require information on PPE stock levels to inform dispatch decisions.

The stock process for PPE is causing anxiety as front-line trusts have no real visibility of live stock levels. Therefore, there is an urgency to deploy a tracking solution which will enable live visibility and effective management of PPE stock levels.

Where can it be used?

To be used within the following Trust areas:

  • EOC – Dashboard visibility
  • Fleet – Dashboard visibility
  • Logistics – Dashboard visibility
  • VP Hub – PPE tracker app with visibility of vehicle and hub stock
  • Operations – PPE tracker app with visibility of vehicle stock

What are the risks of not procuring?

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE stock will be managed manually which is extremely stressful and cumbersome. There is a risk that front-line trusts may not be able to effectively replenish PPE stock in time to respond to a COVID-19 incident.

This would have an impact on front line staff, as they need to ensure that they have enough PPE before responding to a COVID-19 incident.

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