Claris FileMaker

FileMaker Health Check

Our Award-Winning Consultants provide a comprehensive FileMaker Health Check, evaluating over 100 areas of your FileMaker Environment to ensure you are getting the very best from the platform.

Is your Claris FileMaker app the best it could be?

One of the biggest questions with an existing application is how secure, stable and scalable is my application? Whether you've built it yourself or had a third-party developer build it, we'll take a professional and objective overview of the current state of your application and how it aligns with your goals.

We offer a consultation and assessment process to review over 100 key watchpoints to evaluate your environment and produce a personalised report of tangible actions.

What's Involved

How we improve your system

One of our certified consultants will carry out a comprehensive review of your FileMaker App and Environment reviewing over 100 watchpoints.
Having seen dozens of FileMaker Apps before and based on their vast experience and knowledge, we will provide you with an in-depth report on the state of your FileMaker implementation.
Following the session we will provide you with a personalised report of actionable recommendations that will help you enhance the efficiency of your system and supercharge your FileMaker Apps.
What's included

What you get in a FileMaker Health Check

No two Health Checks are the same and we will work with you to ensure that we understand your unique priorities and questions before carrying out the process.

100+ Watchpoint Evaluation

We run through over 100 different tests and evaluations against industry standards spanning security, infrastructure, licensing, design, architecture and much more.

FileMaker Architecture Review

With connections to Claris R&D, we are able to assess whether your file architecture matches the expected blueprint and recommend any necessary improvements.

Ease of Use

We pride ourselves in being a leader in User Experience and Ease of Use. Speak to us about how we can improve your apps user engagement.

Risk Evaluation

Evaluations identify risks in your file(s) based on critical, high, medium and low to allow you to make information based operational decisions.

Identify Quick Wins

Many audits will highlight quick wins and improvements which can make almost immediate differences and release value to your business.

Suggest Development and Deployment

Development, deployment and maintenance are a key aspect to low cost of ownership of any system. Ask about this, and managed new features.

Data Quality

Based on the assessment, we can highlight potential issues with existing or future data quality, to aid your due diligence and audit obligations.

Answer Burning Questions

As leaders in the FileMaker platform, we are well placed to answer any of the burning questions you have on your app, the platform and its roadmap.


Security is fundamental to all businesses, and FileMaker is no different. With our CyberEssentials and AWS accreditations, we are best placed to provide you with systems advice.

Partnered, Standardised and Certified

Partnered, Standardised and Certified

We don’t just service our clients, we service our clients to the latest standard, certifications and partner schemes.

Claris Partner
Solis Digital is a registered Claris Partner contributing to dev-con each year. Did we mention we’ve won awards, too?
AWS Partner
We’re also a registered AWS Partner, meaning we know how to host to the latest standards and procedures from Amazon.
ISO 9001
Being a partner of Claris and AWS is great. But our drive to ISO9001 certification means we operate to the standard we’re claiming.

"Solis Digital have brought an equal measure of energy and expertise to apply their knowledge to a the Claris platform, successfully catering to the complexity of our business. They continue to be an invaluable part of our success."

William Hill  - CEO
Bascule Insurance Services LLC

"Solis Digital are always ready to go the extra mile to deliver on time and in budget. Thank-you!"

Maurizio Giordani - Digital Solutions Manager

"Our app is complex yet simple and easy to use, it helps join up data sets across our Trust on multiple devices. The focus on the solution has enabled us to continue to support our front line staff and therefore, care for the patients of London."

Stuart Crichton - Chief Clinical Information Officer
London Ambulance Service

"Solis Digital delivered a custom app that allowed us to better use technology to not only enhance our athlete experience, but it has completely transformed the way in which we manage our stock both in the lead up to and during an Olympic Games."

Joe Divall - Games Services Manager
British Olympic Association

"Solis Digital continue to revolutionise the way we work. Looking back I can't believe we didn't speak to Solis sooner!"

James Archer - IT Director
Media 10