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The multi-award winning Claris partner, we create custom apps that solve your business problems. We make anything you can imagine, from enterprise-grade apps that help factories run smoothly to simple tools to save you time.

We work with people like you

Are you a sole trader just starting out, an SME looking for help to scale up, an established FileMaker user with some technical issues or even a recognised household name?

Maybe you are new to the benefits of FileMaker, have a legacy system which needs modernising and migrating to the cloud, looking for the security of a recognised partner now your system is critical to your business, or simply have some issues which you need help with.

Whatever your situation, we help businesses of all sizes with the team, skills, experience and pricing to suit.

The award winning partner

OK, so why work with Solis Digital?.. well don’t just take our word for it. As a Claris strategic global partner, our proven track record in building results based digital solutions, continues to win global recognition.

Built in the UK..

..deployed everywhere.

Solis Digital and all of our team are UK based giving us tight control over process, quality and development standards, however our customers can be anywhere and with the increased flexibility that comes from remote working, our teams routinely support customers from the US, South Africa to Dubai and beyond.
So, don't let geography get in the way of getting in touch. Our award winning Claris experience is relevant to you, wherever you are.

"Solis Digital have brought an equal measure of energy and expertise to apply their knowledge to a the Claris platform, successfully catering to the complexity of our business. They continue to be an invaluable part of our success."

William Hill  - CEO
Bascule Insurance Services LLC

"Solis Digital are always ready to go the extra mile to deliver on time and in budget. Thank-you!"

Maurizio Giordani - Digital Solutions Manager

"Our app is complex yet simple and easy to use, it helps join up data sets across our Trust on multiple devices. The focus on the solution has enabled us to continue to support our front line staff and therefore, care for the patients of London."

Stuart Crichton - Chief Clinical Information Officer
London Ambulance Service

"Solis Digital delivered a custom app that allowed us to better use technology to not only enhance our athlete experience, but it has completely transformed the way in which we manage our stock both in the lead up to and during an Olympic Games."

Joe Divall - Games Services Manager
British Olympic Association

"Solis Digital continue to revolutionise the way we work. Looking back I can't believe we didn't speak to Solis sooner!"

James Archer - IT Director
Media 10

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