Remote Working: Make it work for you

March 25, 2020
Sarah Beete

For a lot of people, remote work is the norm. For those that are office based, when suddenly asked to adopt a working remote approach, this can be pretty daunting and it will likely bring about a set of new challenges to the working day.

We have compiled some tips and tricks to help you master the art of remote working!

Adopt a routine that works for you

Get up, dress up, and show up.

Even though you might not be leaving the house when working remote, establishing and maintaining a morning routine that works for you is key. Shower, have breakfast and get dressed as if you were heading into the office. Doing so will set you up for the day and ensure you are prepared for any expected (or unexpected) client or coworker video calls. Even though everyone understands you are working from home, it is important to project a certain image of how you want to be seen as a professional. Wearing clothes consistent with what you wear to the office changes your mindset. After all — you want to appear like you’re getting work done, not just lounging around and taking naps.

The working day

Without a set start time, finish time and coworkers to get lunch with, it’s easy for time to run away with itself when you’re in the zone. With this comes a lack of productivity, over working and ultimately burn out. When it comes down to it, its not about how much time you spend on something, it’s about how much impact your output has. Don’t forget to plan breaks, make some tea, get lunch and be mindful.

Keep your focus

Step away from the laundry.

Working outside of the office and away from your team can be a great opportunity to get through your workload, but it requires discipline. Don’t take advantage of the situation — you are remote, not invisible. Your team will notice, your manager will notice and you will give the rest of us a bad name. Show that you deserve the trust you are being given for this flexibility.

Commit to deadlines and deliver on time

You need to show your reliable, consistent and dependable whether you are in the same office or not. Measure where your time is being spent — this helps to see where you’re spending your resources, stay accountable to yourself and your manager whilst also ensure you’re not over working.

Create a dedicated work space

One of the great benefits of remote working means you can work pretty much anywhere. That being said there is something to say about the link between your work environment verses productivity and importance of designating your workspace. Creating your optimal work environment is essential and yes it is different for everyone. Adjusting your personal work space can make a huge difference as it’s all about finding that sweet-spot between surrounding noise, distractions, and clutter. For more tips on how to organise you workspace to reclaim your productivity check out this blog.

Be intentionally social

Communicate well. Communicate Often

When working remote there is no such thing as over communication. If you’re used to seeing people each day, remote work can make you feel a little isolated. Stay in contact with coworkers regularly throughout the day to ensure you are still working together as a team and not becoming siloed — it also helps avoid cabin fever that may settle in. However, when your communicating, be clear and concise — the less we write the more valuable our writing becomes.

Smile — your on camera!

There are camera’s in all our devices for a reason, they are as close as you are going to get to an ‘in person’ meeting. Make video calling the norm for both internal and external calls. As a general rule, if your written communication in your instant chat tool is more that 2 sentences or requires a response from someone else — jump on a video call. If you followed the tip above you (Get up, dress up, and show up) you will be prepared for these impromptu calls.

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