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Claris: Excellence in Design Award 2021

December 16, 2021
Anna Totterdell

Back in 2020 (which seems an age ago), we received global recognition from Claris by winning their Global Excellence Award for 'Excellence in Development'.

This came about from our continued work with customers in raising the profile and benefits of professionally developed and maintained business systems, and led to wider market prominence for our approach and brand.

Well now, as we move into 2022, we are pleased to announce that we have received another global accolade from Claris, and this time its the Excellence Award for Design.

Whether developing a new solution or through working with longer term users of the Claris Platform, our increasing focus on implementing modern, fluid and low-train user experiences has raised the bar yet again for Claris based business solutions.

We all have knowledge and experience of great (and bad) design, in the apps we use as we go about our daily lives, and justifiably an increasing expectation in our working life.. "why can't my business systems be as easy to use as my iPhone app?".

Well, they can, and for our customers, they are.

Whether you have been using Claris FileMaker for years, and just didn't know what was possible, or you are looking for a mature platform which can provide the best experience to embody your business processes, we can help.

With plenty of customer examples to take you through, our designers can translate the detail into a smooth, seamless and efficient solution for you, your staff and customers, with a focus on experience.

Get in touch for a free one hour consultation to talk through how we can make your expectation a reality.

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