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PPE Tracker — Critical Stock Manager

Published on
April 23, 2020
Jess Lancashire

16th March 2020, the day Solis Digital responded to COVID-19.

Having worked with NHS Trusts and Ambulance Services across the United Kingdom building custom applications to automate mundane and manual business processes, we were called upon by one of our partners — London Ambulance Service Trust, to help in their time of need.

The Chief Clinical Information Officer asked Solis Digital to help provide real time statistics on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) stock levels, across hub locations and vehicle fleets in order for them to better manage and track where there PPE is, and how much they have left.

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Our team channelled their energy into designing, developing and deploying a PPE Tracker, you can sign up to Critical Stock Manager (CSM) for FREE. After working 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week, the team at Solis Digital kept pushing on, as we knew those on the front line were working harder.

Within the week, London Ambulance Service had rolled out CSM across 4500 devices with the help from ourselves, Apple Inc and Claris. This meant they were able to track product stock levels across all hub locations and individual fleets, easily identify when stock needs to be replenished and forecast burn rates on products, all while informing Emergency Operation Centres dispatch decisions.

Our very own PPE Tracker, is available anywhere and on any device. It has now been successfully rolled out across multiple Ambulance Trusts, Hospital Trusts, Care homes and Councils, and we are currently working closely with businesses who too want CSM in order for their staff to successfully and safely return to work in the near future.

Solis Digital are proud to offer support to those in need in order to solve a critical and unforeseen problem many of us face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic — where is our current PPE, and how much do we have left?

Solis digital has helped our Trust, the London Ambulance Service, implement a critical stock management system at short notice during our response to the COVID-19 response.

The product is complex, yet intuitive, and works well to join up data sets across our Trust on multiple devices. Solving a problem we had within a few days. The team have been super attentive and have continued to support us through implementation and regular product updates.

The app has enabled us to continue to support our front line staff and therefore, care for the patients of London.

Chief Clinical Information Officer — London Ambulance Service.

Our partner Claris, have offered FREE Claris FileMaker licenses to communities impacted by COVID-19 as part of their response to this pandemic and have given us their full support through the deployment of our PPE Tracker.

If you find yourself needing to easily track PPE stock levels and burn rates to help forecast demand, then sign up now for FREE.