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FileMaker Google Address Module

Published on
September 2, 2017
Jordan Watson

As a consultant finding the balance between capturing such data and the time it takes to enter that data is a constant battle.

Most off the shelf CRMs provide functionality that allows a user to enter reliable, valid and accurate data — quickly. This improves the efficiency of data capture, whilst providing the company with the data it needs. The most simple example of this is an address lookup.

During a recent project, the development team at Solis Digital have produced an Address Lookup Module utilising Google, that can be plugged into any file with 3 simple steps.

Download the example file here.

Steps to implement:

  1. Add the AddressLookup.fmp12 file as an external datasource in your file named “AddressLookup”.
  2. Import the script folder named “AddressLookup: All Files” from the module into your file.
  3. Create a button or trigger to call the “Public.LaunchAddressSearch” script with the parameter provided. In the parameter replace “FieldName” with your related address fields.


  • Requires FileMaker 16 or higher.
  • Requires users to have an internet connection.
  • Ensure all users have ‘Allow URLs to run FileMaker scripts’ selected in extended privileges.

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*Special thanks to John Renfrew for providing the techniques used in the module.