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Enhance FileMaker layouts with Semantic UI

Published on
March 28, 2018
Jordan Watson

The world of technology constantly evolves. Whether we like it or not the tech giants continue to raise the minimum level of user expectation when it comes to design.

But what happens when that expectation surpasses standard FileMaker UI features?

During a recent FileMaker webinar on how good design can help when delivering a custom app I showed how at Solis Digital we utilise a web framework called Semantic UI to enhance our interfaces.

The thought of using any web-code in FileMaker sent shivers down my spine until about 12 months ago. I promise you it is not as scary or as complex as you may think. Here is a quick example of how you can add an animated button and more to your custom app.

To see what more can be done with Semantic UI watch the video below and download the free example file.


  • Requires FileMaker 16 or higher.
  • Requires users to have an internet connection.
  • Ensure all users have ‘Allow URLs to run FileMaker scripts’ selected in extended privileges.

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