Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

December 1, 2021
Jess Lancashire

The security of information held by us at Solis Digital is of paramount importance, both to us and to our customers, and needless to say, all of our systems, processes and behaviours are designed to demonstrate this through the highest levels of data security. As such, we maintain certain certifications to prove our dedication to the security of data.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have achieved the extended qualification of Cyber Essentials Plus certification as a result of our information security standards. To date we are the only UK Claris Partner to have achieved this certification.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus is a UK Government mandated, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber-attacks such as phishing and spear-phishing attempts.

To achieve the certification, qualified members have to demonstrate their controls successfully mitigate the risk from common internet-based threats, so that customers can be assured that these essential precautions are in place and work. These include:

  • Ensuring hardware and software is kept up to date to ensure all bug fixes are applied
  • Taking measures to stop email attachments or downloaded files from running (e.g. blocking files from running inside the downloads folder, users need to download the file, move the file and then run it)
  • Blocking a number of file types over email (e.g. .zip files)
  • Ensuring all company mobile devices have strong, 8-digit access codes

As part of this we have undergone independent penetration testing to ensure our firewalls are as secure as they can be. We are also required to re-certify annually under this scheme and cannot use this certification unless we do so.

Why is this important?

We are currently the only UK Claris Partner to have achieved this certification, meaning that our dedication to cyber security is unmatched in the industry. Other providers may typically only hold the Cyber Essentials certificate, which is a self-assessed questionnaire, whereas to achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, our systems and processes have been put through a rigorous inspection process by independent external cyber assessors, so our customers can enjoy peace of mind that their data is in the safest hands possible.

The annual re-certification also holds us accountable to the continued commitment to cyber security, so customers can be assured that the security of their data is always a priority for us.

Anna Totterdell, Operations Director for Solis says..

"The Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a fantastic achievement for our company. It gives our customers peace of mind that our IT procedures and security defences will protect the company against the vast majority of common cyber-attacks. A lot of work and preparation goes on behind the scenes by the IT Team through the year to maintain this level of compliance in a technical organisation such as ours. This year was notably more difficult due to the pandemic and remote working situation which came with its own unique challenges. We couldn't achieve this without the ongoing cooperation from all staff."

If you’d like to see if your other suppliers have achieved either the Cyber Essentials or the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, you can search for their record here:

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